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Psalm 119:105 Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.


arrow Anger
arrow Forgiveness
arrow How Do I Get Forgiven
arrow The Power of Faith
arrow Four Rules of    Communication
arrow Getting Power over Sin
arrow Worshipping the Christ
arrow Idolatry
arrow Grace and the Humble
arrow What is Hell
arrow The Spiritual Battle
arrow God Meeting My Needs

New Sermons:

arrow A Broken Vessel
arrow Keeping His    Commandments
arrow The spiritual battle
arrow Where is God
arrow Jonah: a man of anger
arrow Grace Causes Victory
arrow God is Love
arrow God Heals Souls
arrow A Deceived Heart
arrow Abiding in the Vine


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The following studies were created to be used with the Authorized or King James version of the Bible. They are for your benefit and may be copied and distributed, but with the restriction that they may not be changed.

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These PDF files are intended to be more exhaustive in nature. If you have any questons or have made a decision for Christ, please contact me. Email me


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